Monday, December 13, 2010

Why is Business like Golf? Or vice versa?

I'm looking at the golf courses nearby getting ready for opening in Montreal, so maybe it's time to re-op this Blog too with a quick re-cap of why I think Business is like GolfAnd Vice Versa.

Several years ago at DirectTech Solutions we worked that theme into our marketing strategy.
Manage your game ... with DirectTech Solutions.
Especially if you recognize these problems in your business:  
  • Business Plan went sideways on the first tee.
  • Marketing strategy is all wet.
  • Corporate image looks like a mashie niblick (Old 7 iron).
  • Brochures looking pretty rough.
  • Sales are slicing into the trees.
  • Website costs are in bogie territory.
  • Couldn't sink a contract if you tried.
  • Distribution strategy is on the beach.
  • Advertising manager lost his balls.
  • Nobody even knows you won the Open.
  • Your best hole is the 19th.
DirectTech Solutions understands that business is like golf - easy to get into trouble and hard to get the results you want. Don't putter around. For creative, practical solutions to your corporate strategy, business plans, and performance improvement needs. More than a mulligan, we deliver solutions.

Our marketing strategy included golf themed brochures, putting contests at trade shows, sponsoring golf tournaments, etc. It was fun and created some buzz, but when it was no longer new and original, we moved on.

Then I started this Blog for expansion on the theme. It fit with my online plans for Uncle Ralph, "Enrepreneurs Only" and DIYBusinessPlan (, where I am trying to write, teach, advise, consult and comment on management, leadership and entrepreneurship.   The golf analogy keeps coming back. So let`s test that analogy a little further. 

Here is my list of "Why Business is Like Golf" :
  1. It's important to have a plan.  Of course nothing goes exactly according to plan, but when you look up, you can recognize where you should be now, and where you're trying to go.  (Like Oops!  I'm in the bunker and need to get out of the sand and back on the fairway in front of the green.)  
  2. Even the good shots can end up badlyAnd vice versa.  So take your best shot and hope for the best.  That great drive (or proposal) may have gone too far and ended up in the rough.  And sometimes a terrible slice (or bad sales call) can actually bounce off a tree and end up right where you wanted to be.  
  3. Every problem is just another challenge. It was not supposed to end up in the rough and behind a tree, but now you can work on your "recovery" shot.
  4. Work on the fundamentals.  You cannot get better if you don't understand and master the basic principles, techniques and foundation of a good swing (or business).
  5. Choose and use the right tools and equipment.  Technology keeps making the game easier, but make sure it is the right equipment for you and your plan.  And don't try to force an 8-iron to work like a 4-wood. 
  6. Know the rules and play fair.  Even if nobody catches you cheating, you know you don't deserve the credit you're getting for a good game.
  7. Continuous learning and determined practice are the disciplines of champions.  If  the Number One golfer in the world is still adjusting his swing with a new coach, what are your doing to be better and do better?
  8. It's easier if you lower your expectations and have good excuses. But you want more, right?
  9. Learn from your mistakes. You will inevitably have an occasional bad shot, a bad hole or a bad day.  It may just be bad luck, a bad idea, or a bad swing, but continuously analyse what you did wrong so that you can avoid the mistake next time.
That's the first nine holes, I hope it gives you some memorable ideas that will improve both your golf and your business. I'll work on another nine for another day.

Until then, keep hitting them down the middle!


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