Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Power, determination, technique

When I was coaching my son years ago, primarily in hockey, I would remind him of our mantra "PDT" - power, determination and technique.

We had agreed they were the three elements that were necessary for a high level of performance. "Power" requires building strength and fitness to overcome obstacles and the competition. "Determination" is about attitude and the mental ability to focus and persist in the pursuit of the objectives. "Technique" is mastering the skills required to perform at a high level consistently.

PDT applies very much to the sport of golf and is demonstrated by the winners every weekend. Developing the power, determination and technique applicable to your business will also lead to successes there.

Friday, February 1, 2008

From excellence to perfection

We've already observed that Tiger Woods seems to keep improving. To the dismay of his competitors. Last week he was dissatisfied with his driving and still won the tournament at Torrey Pines by eight strokes. What if he has four good days!?

Tom Peters wrote the business classic "In Search of Excellence" that has inspired a generation of business leaders. Lexus lived up to its slogan "The relentless pursuit of perfection" and Tiger seems to be on the same path.

What if you are a competitor? Are you just playing for second place? Just trying to make a decent living? Of course not. You too want to be the best, a winner one day. Your only choice is to keep chasing the standard bearer. Tiger had Jack Nicklaus. Now we all have Tiger.

The fun is in the pursuit of being the best you can be. That is the challenge that keeps us going.