Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You're fired!

Golf is like business in this economy too.
Even Tiger Woods recently got fired by GM as the spokeman for Buick. So the lesson for business owners is....

If your business is in trouble and you have a part-time employee earning $7 million a year, now is a good time to let him go. In fact now is a good time to make a lot of decisions that might not have been very popular in the good ol' days, but are pretty obviously necessary now.

Oh yeah, and this is not a good time to flaunt the corporate jet. Unless you've had a very good year in golf or business, and want to distinguish yourself as still having the cash to spend on frivolous luxury and convenience.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Slow progress

I mentioned the golf course under construction that I'm watching from my office window. Well it continues to take shape in spite of the early winter weather conditions.
Apparently earth moving is still possible, but no grass will be seeded or sodded in this weather, and it's getting worse. This morning, Dec. 8th, they were reporting -20 degrees C and -30 with the windchill. That's 20 below for the Fahrenheit folks. Definitely not golf weather.
Time to plan for the winter break in Myrtle Beach or Scottsdale. Any suggestions or recommendations?