Friday, October 17, 2008

Tip for trying times

With credit to one of my favourite comic strips, "Real Life Adventures":

Father and son are finishing their round of golf and the young son asks, "So Dad, what did we learn today?"

His reply, "When things are going badly, stop keeping score."

That may be sound advice for your business or your investment portfolio these days. You already know the results are bad and looking at them again and again will not make them better. Check them once.

Then get on with what you have to do for better results.


Apologies to all my regular readers, if I have any. (Are you out there?)

I've neglected this Blog and my golf for several weeks. Too many distractions, plus a holiday break and a bad cold have knocked me off my routine. (If you know me, I've never been good at routines.)

But now I'm back and will try to dedicate regular time to my Blogs. Stay tuned.